The main building of the Sportpark Kitzbühel is accessible in its entirety. In the basement is a disabled toilet which is accessible with a EURO-Key.

From 1st August! Kitzbühel’s ice hockey camps for teams

...tough guys in Kitz!
...tough guys in Kitz!
TOWN: Sports town of Kitzbühel LOCATION: Sportpark TIME: Ice from 1st August 2015!

The ice is hot ...

... whether it is in January on the world-famous Streif ski run, which the best race skiers in the world tackle in under 2 minutes, or from August in the Sportpark Kitzbühel, for all the "tough guys" on skates.

Ice hockey "Team Deal"

Bespoke organisation for accommodation in Kitzbühel

Sportpark Kitzbühel, in conjunction with Kitzbühel Tourismus and the hotels and guesthouses in the town, provide optimum accommodation for ice hockey teams. Every club has different requirements and budget resources and bespoke provisions are made.

Mercedes-Benz Sportpark.... much more than an ice hall!

Sportpark Kitzbühel, spanning 4500 m², provides a versatile range under one roof and is open year-round, irrespective of the weather, and can be used in a variety of ways. As well as the numerous activity and training opportunities you can also look forward to some indulgence in Ristorante Pizzeria Don Luigi and bring the evening to a close in the sports bar above the rooftops in Kitzbühel.

Special ice times package

2 ice times per day - 5 day special €1900 (instead of €2250) - 3 day special €1140 (instead of €1350)- each additional day €380 (instead of €450)

Training games with other teams

Training games can also be organised on request, in conjunction with our local club "EC Die Adler Kitzbühel" and with other teams too. More information on the Adler team can be seen at

Off the ice ...programme of supporting events in the sports town of Kitzbühel

Adventure awaits at element3! A thirst for action, adrenaline and new perspectives? Then element3 is the very place. For over 20 years we have been soaring through the air, wading through water and scaling the highest summits – and we are in our element. We have already fulfilled many a dream and provided inspiration for exceptional adventures in the natural surroundings for our clients. One thing is crystal-clear - whatever adventure trip you opt for – as experienced outdoor pros we guarantee the highest level of safety. Together with our partner Elements3, we organise activities off the ice, as part of a supporting programme of events in Sportpark, in the wonderful sports town of Kitzbühel. We do of course pay heed to specific requirements and budget resources.

Contact and further information

@: info@sportpark-kitzbü Tel.: 0043 (0) 5356 / 20222


Sportfeld 1
A-6370 Kitzbühel
+43 5356 20222

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